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Wildfire by Anne Stuart

Wildfire #3 Book Cover Wildfire #3
Fire Series
Anne Stuart
Contemporary/Romantic Suspense
Montlake Romance
14th February 2017
Netgalley ARC

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Does anyone want to READ an action movie?! I felt like I was dropped into some sort of James Bond/Mission Impossible style action-packed suspense, with a whole LOT of sexual tension! Fast paced reading most of the time and WOW Anne Stuart writes her villains very well. Archer is such a f#cktard!

Ex-Committee operative Sophie Jordan MacDonald botches up her first mission of killing Archer MacDonald – an unscrupulous, arms and drugs self-made multi-millionaire, by falling in love and marrying him! Archer learns of Sophie’s involvement with the Committee and ruthlessly plans for her assassination. The assassin manages to paralyze Sophie by hitting her spine instead of killing her and she is unofficially made a prisoner on Archer’s private island and is prey to his sadistic games. Sophie secretly focuses on regaining the use of her legs and plans to complete her mission and get off the island for good. Archer is involved in cutting his latest deal for a new dangerous biochemical weapon with Malcolm (Mal) Gunnison, an undercover agent for the Committee hired to finish Sophie’s job. Sophie is considered inconsequential and the Committee leaves it up to Mal to decide Sophie’s fate. Archer invites Mal over to enjoy his private island, women and other luxuries while the deal is being negotiated and the attraction between Sophie and Mal is instant, intense and animalistic and complicates the mission further as Mal and Sophie further discover Archer’s twisted soul.

Few things readers should be aware of:
1) Mal & Sophie’s relationship all happens while Sophie is married – so essentially it is cheating if we are looking at technicalities.
2) This is an angry relationship for most of the book as we are dealing with two strong characters, one who is an anti-hero. They are both calling the shots in their own way as the have their own personal agendas.

This read well most of the time but the plot did drag at times and the characters internal thoughts were noticeably repetitive, hence where the stars were lost. Overall a good action packed read with some surprises to keep you turning the pages!

*Thank-you Anne Stuart, Netgalley & Montlake Romance for the ARC.

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