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White Fire by Cassie Edwards

White Fire Book Cover White Fire
Cassie Edwards
Historical Romance
Kensington Books
28th Feb 2017 (Reissue)
Netgalley ARC

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Drama! Drama! Drama! Lots of it! Great pace of story and very easy to read but slightly unrefined and old school style of writing (which I don’t usually mind) with a few unpredictable twists along the way.

Flame has loved White Fire since she first saw him at the age of ten and has never stopped, dreaming one day she will find him and marry him. Now at eighteen, she leaves her childhood home for adventure and a life with her father, a Colonel stationed in Minnesota. Her childhood love, White Fire, is also rumored to be here. White Fire, a “breed” has been held captive by the Sioux for three years. After his release, he comes to realise his life was not what it was three years ago! He discovers his wife has died from pneumonia and his son has been adopted into a white family. He takes on a job as as intepretor for Flame’s father to set himself up again, and in due course comes in contact with Flame. He remembers her as the beautiful flame haired child from many years ago and falls passionately in love with her. Flame’s father is bigoted towards “breeds” and tries to keep them apart with his cunning and trechery. White Fire now has a fight on his hands for Flame, their love, his son and their future together as a family.

Stereotypical much? And again…..heaps of drama! I felt like I was reading a soap opera as there was something always happening to either White Fire or Flame. It kept the book going somewhat and I was surprised at some of the twists but I just felt like sometimes it was a bit over the top. For example Chief Grey Feather’s love/hate relationship with White Fire.If the Chief didn’t get his way he sulked like a child and hated White Fire and then he would like him again. All the main characters seemed two dimensional, selfish and superficial. Oh and let’s not forget about the way Flame was objectified as a sex symbol at the age of ten! That really really creeped me out!

White Fire’s heart skipped a beat, for never had he seen anyone so beautiful. With her long, flaming red hair hanging in deep waves over her shoulders, and her green eyes smiling at him in a most flirtatious way, her lashes fluttering, he was taken aback and suddenly at a loss for words. But he quickly reminded himself of the girl’s age. He had heard his mother and father discussing the child, remarking how pretty she was, and commenting on how mature and well developed she was for her age of ten.

Well developed! What the heck? Too weird! It just made the romance seem a bit icky. This age gap and childhood love trope has obviously been done countless times before but never have I felt so weirded out by the whole thing! Flame is again constantly described as a sex symbol even after she has grown up and everything she seems to wear in the book is green! There are other colours that complement red hair you know! Lol..I just found the whole book really stereotypically written.

I don’t know if I would really recommend this book to be honest…I didn’t hate it but I could have done without it.

*Thank-you Cassie Edwards, Netgalley & Kensington Books for the ARC.

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