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Topaz by Beverly Jenkins

Topaz by Beverly JenkinsTopaz by Beverly Jenkins
Published by Avon on September 21st 1997
Genres: Historical Romance
Pages: 384
Format: Ebook
Source: Self Purchased
4.5 Stars

Kate Love is an ambitious young newspaper reporter on the trail of a railroad stock swindler who has been preying on elderly Blacks. Her investigation points to Rupert Samuels,one of the wealthiest and most eligible black men in the East, but her covert efforts to get close enough to uncover the goods on him bring her to the brink of becoming his wife.

A Promise of Pleasure Snatched from the altar by Dix Wildhorse, a Black Seminole Marshal from Oklahoma's Indian country, Kate has no choice but to flee with the daring knight her father sent to rescue and wed her. Marriage had never been part of Kate's plans,and she isn't about to abandon her career to become the dutiful wife of a Wild West lawman bent on wrapping her in his own protective cocoon. Determined to hold on to her independence despite the dark simmering fire Dix's bronzed, muscled embrace ignites, she challenges him at every turn. Yet even as their battle of wills intensifies, the heat of their passion blazes with unmatched fury...a wildfire of love that can only be answered in the sweet ecstasy of surrender.

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I’m very excited about this review as this was my first Beverly Jenkins! I’ve been meaning to try her for ages and finally it has happened and so glad I read Topaz. About time I read about some coloured characters…it never even crossed my mind coloured heroes and heroines are not featured as prominently within the historical romance genre and I’m so proud Beverly Jenkins has rectified that! Not only is this a fun historical romance, but it is also a history lesson that I’m sure a lot of us are unaware of! Yes, we have all heard about the American Civil War, but what other hardships did the Black population in America face? Read Beverly Jenkins and you are sure to pick up on some fascinating historical titbits!

Dixon (Dix) Wildhorse, a Black Seminole Marshall finds himself offered the hand of Katherine Love by her father to settle his debts with Dix. Disgusted by Bart Love’s offer, yet intrigued by his description of Katherine, as Dix is in the market for an agreeable wife, Dix, agrees to meet her. As they set off to meet the biddable seamstress’s assistant, Bart realises Katherine is missing and her home has been ransacked. Panicking, Bart begs Dixon to help him find his daughter. Suspecting Bart is up to his usual tricks, Dix makes Bart tell him the whole story, where Bart fesses up that Kate really is a newspaper woman and she was planning to expose a Mr Rupert Samuels and his business dealings. Dix and Bart track Kate down to Rupert Samuel’s house and watch from afar as she’s forcefully taken into the dwelling by Rupert’s henchmen. Bart drops another bombshell – Rupert and Katherine are meant to be getting married on the morrow! Bart attempts to reassure Dix that the wedding was a ruse and she wasn’t planning to go through with it, as she was only pretending to be his fiance so that she could expose him! Furious with Bart and his schemes, Dix’s code of honour leaves him with no choice except to see this plan through and rescue Kate from Rupert’s hands.

Giving up hope of not being wedded to Rupert Samuel’s, Katherine Love resigns herself to an unwanted fate until a furious lawman snatches Kate from the altar, rescuing her from her worst nightmare. Kate is ecstatic about her rescue until Dix informs her that her father has sent him to rescue and wed her instead! Marriage isn’t something Kate has wanted as she had no plans to abandon her career to look after some man from the West. Finding herself in another pickle thanks to Bart Love’s deeds, Kate has no choice but to marry Dix to save her father from gaol. Despite her situation, Kate is determined to hold fast to her independence and her career and challenges Dix at every step. As Dix and Katherine get to know one another, their passion for each other takes over and grows and becomes something much more wonderful.

I really enjoyed Katherine and Dix’s story….Dix is so patient and respectful of Katherine and her needs…he’s a perfect hero! Katherine is strong-willed, independent and determined to make something of herself and I loved her tenacity. The history strewn within this book is just amazing. For example, the Black Seminoles! Wowww…had no idea there were black escaped slaves who intermarried with some Native American tribes and had their own race! This fact just totally blew my mind but it makes total sense in the course of nature for this to happen! Where could escaped slaves go?! Human instinct is to survive so if a kind tribe took them in as equals why the heck not! I’m just so stunned that these facts are not as widely known….I love being surprised with history because it really does show just how cosmopolitan the world really is! Intermarriage, biracial children etc. etc. have all been done in the past and history really is just repeating itself now! I wish the world would stop fighting over such “trivial” matters such as race, religion, ethnicity because at the end of the day we are all the same underneath with the same wants and needs.

Enough heavy talk, but I thoroughly enjoyed how Beverly Jenkins managed to make me think, surprised me with history AND delivered an awesome historical romance, with just her words! What a talented lady and I’m so happy to have finally read something of hers! Thank-you Ms Jenkins for such an enjoyable time!

About Beverly Jenkins

Beverly Jenkins is the recipient of the 2017 Romance Writers of America Nora Roberts Lifetime Achievement Award, as well as the 2016 Romantic Times Reviewers’ Choice Award for historical romance. She has been nominated for the NAACP Image Award in Literature, was featured both in the documentary “Love Between the Covers” and on CBS Sunday Morning.Since the publication of Night Song in 1994, she has been leading the charge for multicultural romance and has been a constant darling of reviewers, fans, and her peers alike, garnering accolades for her work from the likes of The Wall Street Journal, People Magazine, and NPR.

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