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The Library Book by Rebecca Gray

The Library Book by Rebecca GrayThe Library Book by Rebecca Gray, James Brown, Alan Bennett, Michael Brooks, Seth Godin, Caitlin Moran, Lionel Shriver, Julie Myerson, Ann Cleeves, Anita Anand, Susan Hill, Bella Bathurst, Julian Barnes, Hardeep Singh Kohli, Lucy Mangan, Val McDermid, Stephen Fry, China Miéville, Tom Holland, Bali Rai, Nicky Wire, Zadie Smith, Kate Mosse, Karin Slaughter, Miranda McKearney
Published by Profile Books on 2012
Pages: 182
Source: Library Book
3.5 Stars

'Reading is not just an escape. It is access to a better way of life.' Karin Slaughter

Whether brand new or steeped in history, real or imagined, libraries feature in everyone's lives. In memoirs, essays and stories that are funny, moving, visionary or insightful, twenty-three famous writers celebrate these places where minds open and the world expands.

Public libraries are lifelines, to practical information as well as to the imagination, but funding is under threat all over the country. This book is published in support of libraries, with all royalties going to The Reading Agency's library programmes.

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Who hasn’t stepped into a library at least at one stage in our life? A library has almost definitely helped us achieve something, be it research, printing, a study area and of course access to a plethora of books. Me? I LOVE libraries! Ever since I was a kid, libraries have always played a huge part of my childhood. Each city I have lived in, the first thing I have ever done is join its public library. So far, I have library cards from Sydney, Edinburgh, Carmarthen (Wales) and two from London! Yes, I collect library cards :D I love them! I love the feeling of stepping into a building that pays respect to books, helps people and also brings a community together despite ethnicity, race, religion, sexual orientation or income. Libraries don’t judge :)

“The Library Book” is a lovely mix of stories from various British authors mostly about their experiences with public libraries and how they have been influenced by them. As with any collection of stories, some stories are much more fascinating than others but they are all good reads in their own way. Some of the authors, also draw awareness to the importance of libraries and the critical role they play in communities. Just because a lot of printed media is going digital in our modern times, doesn’t mean public libraries should become defunct and unusable. Public libraries should be cherished, maintained, used and supported as they are invaluable sources of information and facilities. Let’s also not forget, for example, if you don’t have a printer at home and you need something printed, the first thing you think of is the public library. It doesn’t just help us in lending books and research but also provides everyday life resources that some may not have access to. Personally, I use libraries to help me find books and authors I normally don’t buy but would still like to try!

I highly recommend this book to everyone who loves their public library, have been influenced by it and of course for those who love reading :D

P.S: I borrowed this book from the library!

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