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The Duke & I by Julia Quinn

The Duke & I #1 Book Cover The Duke & I #1
The Bridgertons
Julia Quinn
Self Purchased

Ahh, the Bridgertons! I have heard so much about this family! This is my first foray into the Bridgertons as I’m a bit of a stickler for reading a family series in order so I had to wait till I obtained all the books. I’m not new to Julia Quinn, I have read “Dancing at Midnight” but I cannot remember what I actually thought about “DatM” to be honest! It’s still sitting on my shelf so I think a re-read is in order pretty soon.

I have mixed feelings about the D&I. I didn’t hate it but I didn’t love it like I thought I would & yes I lowered my expectations! It was definitely an easy and light read. My latest reads have been quite heavy in terms of plot twists so it was refreshing to have a story focus on the relationship between the characters.

Daphne Bridgerton & Simon Bassett, the Duke of Hastings hatch a plan for a fake engagement as Daphne is already onto her third season & Simon just having inherited his dukedom is the perfect catch of the season. Of course the pretence becomes a little too real and both of them find themselves married with a few bumps along the way! Daphne is very likeable & Simon has his own demons to deal with so the characters have a few issues to overcome before the “L” word gets dropped.

The D& I annoyed me in a few places mainly due to the historical inaccuracies & vernacular rather than the characters. Modern words like “ouch” were used, which kept mentally jerking me from Regency England to Modern America in some chapters. Lady Whistledown also mentions a “diamond solitaire ring” in her gossip column which again reminded me of Tiffany & Co. from America & the diamond revolutionising De Beers rather than Regency England. By no means is the D&I a wallbanger but these little anachronisms just jarred me back to reality when I was looking for some escapism. Julia Quinn also states on Good Reads that she writes “costume dramas- books in which the characters are entirely fictional and the actual politics of the time do not play a major role in the story” (Taken from Q&A ) which is very noticeable when you are a few chapters into the book. For example, Daphne punches Simon in the jaw when they first meet which is highly unlikely to happen in straightlaced Regency England & I found the whole scenario slapstick rather than amusing. Daphne’s traits are very feminist which I applaud & always a fan of but sometimes I found it a bit forced.

The Bridgertons as a family are just lovely! We meet Violet the matriarchal Bridgerton & are also introduced to the rest of clan, mainly the brothers Anthony & Colin. Be prepared to like them all and start looking forward to their own stories! Anachronisms, historical inaccuracies, the Americanisation of Regency England & the slapstick scenes aside, the book is an overall enjoyable read as I was often with a smile on my face. I do look forward to reading about the rest of the family and will definitely keep reading more from Julia Quinn.

Till the next book voyage!

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