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The Alpha’s Promise by Renee Rose

The Alpha's Promise #2 Book Cover The Alpha's Promise #2
The Alpha's Hunger Series
Renee Rose
Erotica/Paranormal/Contemporary Romance
Stormy Night Publications
November 10th 2016
Netgalley Reading Copy

I need a cold shower ASAP! Not only was this book really REALLY well written for erotica, it was HOT! HOT HOT HOT……HOT!

I picked it up thinking dammit I’m going to hate this book:

a) New Adult – Haven’t been converted to this genre!
b) Erotica – Never really enjoyed all that BDSM, can’t really empathise with that pleasure/pain boundary….Pain is pain! I’m old fashioned :D

But I loved it! Renee Rose really knew how to take BDSM and entwine it perfectly with the emotional play of a relationship. Melissa Bell is a sassy, mouthy heroine and Cody is the dominant alpha wolf of a young pack of wolves. Melissa’s bad choice of men puts her life in danger and Cody is alpha promised into protecting her by Ben, her brother-in-law. Their first meeting sets off fireworks, with Cody’s inner wolf howling to mark her for life, while he steadfastly rejects his instincts and rages against marking a spoilt princess who is no equal match for an alpha wolf. Melissa judges Cody on his blue collar outfit and doesn’t want another dangerous bad boy mistake. Melissa and Cody fight against their emotional needs but give into their baser desires with some very sexy results.

Great plotline, writing and characters (although Melissa had some TSTL heroine tendencies), interwoven with great paranormal elements, danger, intrigue and BDSM. Both POVs were also done really well, with Cody and Melissa having very believable and emotionally honest responses. I love being surprised by books! Thank you Renee Rose for surprising me :)

*Thank-you Renee Rose, Netgalley & Stormy Night Publications for the free reading copy.
**Reader Warning: This book is very explicit, contains BDSM, some sexual humiliation and maybe offensive to some

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