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Swashbuckling Reads: Pirate in My Arms by Danelle Harmon

Swashbuckling Reads: Pirate in My Arms by Danelle HarmonPirate in My Arms by Danelle Harmon
Published by Avon Books on January 1st 1992
Genres: Historical Romance
Pages: 399


Sam Bellamy is a notorious pirate--dark, dangerous, and devilishly handsome. In innocence, young Maria Hallett teases him, taunts him...and surrenders to a scorching seduction that leaves her in disgrace as his ship sails.

But Sam cannot forget Maria--his golden-haired angel, a haunting beauty whose awakened sensual passion has seared his very soul with tormented longing. When he returns it is to claim her, to sweep her into his pirate's world--on a perilous voyage of daring dreams and dangerous desires...and a confrontation with a love that thunders with the raging passion of the stormy sea.

If you like your pirate adventure mixed with real history then this is a pirate romance for you! This is based on the real-life love story of the pirate Sam Bellamy and Maria Hallet. Although their romance in real life did not have a happy ending, Danelle Harmon has kindly given them a very happy one.

If you have read this, let me know what you think! This looks like a great swashbuckling adventure! I love Danelle Harmon and her writing style and this was her debut novel for Avon. For those of you who like older style romances, the paperback might be the way to go, but there is an updated ebook version for today’s romance market with a rewritten storyline.

About Danelle Harmon

New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Danelle Harmon has written seventeen critically acclaimed and award-winning books, with many being published all over the world. A Massachusetts native, she has lived in Great Britain, though these days she and her English husband make their home in New England with their daughter Emma and numerous animals including five dogs, an Egyptian Arabian horse, and a flock of pet chickens. Danelle enjoys reading, spending time with family, friends and her animals, dog showing, plane-spotting, and sailing her reproduction 19th century skiff, Kestrel II.

  • I have heard of this author, and I may have picked one of her books when I first started reading romance, but that was like fifteen years ago hehe But I know I haven’t read this book here. What I like about most pirate romances is that authors were really good about implementing great historic authenticity. And it sounds like this author did a great job. Adding it to my wishlist here. Thanks for sharing.

    • Her writing is awesome! Very descriptive and lush and oh so dreamy and romantic….sigh….I do love the writing styles of the 90s romances. I hope you like her! She’s a great one for the oldie but a goodie reading challenge ;)

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