Silver Silence by Nalini Singh

Silver Silence Book Cover Silver Silence
Psy-Changeling Trinity #1 & Psy-Changeling #16
Nalini Singh
Paranormal/Urban Fantasy Romance
Berkley Books
13th June 2017
First To Read Penguin

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I probably shouldn’t admit that this was my first Nalini Singh book *ducks and hides*….You know that rock I have mentioned previously? Yup still living there! However, I have been following Nalini’s career since her publication of “Desert Warrior” because hey a fellow antipodean publishing romance novels? AWESOMENESS! I actually have plenty of her books on my growing TBR yet never managed to pick one up! Shameful!!!! I seriously didn’t know what I was missing! Luckily I got the chance to read “Silver Silence” and WOW! Silver and Valentin are one heck of a power couple and Nalini’s style of writing is just riveting!

Since this was my first Singh, I knew I was taking a huge gamble plunging into a well-established series with such a powerful world behind its pages. I was floundering a little when I first started the book and had to try extra hard to remember the facts, but I didn’t get as lost as I expected. I would recommend reading the previous books though because it WILL provide the buildup and excitement Silver and Valentin have generated and also will give essential background information. I’m glad I didn’t find it too overwhelming but others might not agree. There is enough information in the book to give you the gist of everything but the depth may not be there. Also good to remember is that although this is the start of a new chapter/series (Psy-Changeling – Trinity #1) it is also part of Psy-Changeling (Psy-Changeling #16) so there has been a massive amount of world building that we newbies have missed out on!

So I’ve noticed this new trend on bears in romances and seriously I just couldn’t imagine a bear being sexy but boy was I wrong! Nalini breathes a whole new life into bear shape-shifters and Valentin Nikolaev is one cuddly Medvezhonok. Not only is he alpha as heck but putty when it comes to Silver! Silver Mercant is Silent and alpha Valentin Nikolaev wants nothing more than to make her all his and ruffle that cool, calm and put-together exterior. Silver is a prime target for those who don’t want Trinity to succeed and after a close poisoning attack, she is placed under guard at DenHome under Nikolaev’s very capable guard. What better place to show Silver what an alpha means to a clan and the meaning of family in Nikolaev’s own way. But how does one make one of the most powerful psy entirely theirs with such a strong vow of Silence working against all odds?

I really enjoyed reading about Valentin’s relentless pursuit of Silver and her succumbence to Valentin. The family concept of DenHome and the strong extended family vibe was very well done without drawing attention from the couple and loosing the reader in clan dynamics. The cliffhanger towards the last 150 pages or so in the book was so intense I wanted to ugly cry! The ending was perfect and I was ecstatic for Valentin because Silver completed his happiness on so many levels. The idea of Trinity between the races was also fascinating and this novel opens the doors for the following books in the series.

Couple of things did annoy me though. I did find a few things repetitive like post thoughts/post action explanations (e.g sentences like “because he was alpha”). I wasn’t sure if this was Nalini’s style of writing or this book in particular so I didn’t judge too harshly but I did find it somewhat unnecessary for continued explanations. I felt like the reader could read between the lines in some of these repetitive scenarios.

I haven’t gone into too much detail on what happens etc. as I don’t want to spoil it for the rest of you guys! The new generation of Trinity sounds like one heck of a series and I really enjoyed meeting Silver and Valentin :)

*Thank-you Nalini Singh, First to Read & Berkley Books for the ARC.

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