Mythical Beasts & Beings by Lisa Graves

Mythical Beasts & Beings Book Cover Mythical Beasts & Beings
Lisa Graves
Children's Books/Middle Grade/Fantasy
Xist Publishing
March 24th 2017
Netgalley ARC

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What a great collection of mythical beasts & beings! Beautiful and imaginative illustrations by the author, with a great mix of Eastern, Western and South American mythological creatures. Loved re-reading about the mermaids and unicorns and learning about some uncommonly heard creatures like the Leshy and Hulder. The inclusion of their countries of origin was a great bonus!

Very easy to read as you can just pick any page and start reading! Don’t have to go in order :) The simple format and categorisation is great as it provides both visual and written stimuli without too much information! Great to hold any child’s attention! A beautiful and informative addition to any bookshelf :) Enjoyed my read and also a great read for adults! Who says you need to be a kid to enjoy this!?!

*Thank-you Lisa Graves, Netgalley & Xist Publishing for the ARC

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