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Mated by Ria Candro

Mated by Ria CandroMated (Mating Ritual, #1) by Ria Candro
on January 1st 1970

When Natalie awakens on a spaceship manned by three gorgeous and adoring hunks, she's convinced she's dreaming. It's up to Andros, Leikos and Zafron to prove to her she's not. And that she's the perfect mate for all three of them.

Spygian alpha males travel far and wide in search of their perfect partner. And then share their mate in the most delicious, pleasurable ways they can imagine. But for Natalie, loving these red-hot aliens means leaving Earth. Is she willing to take a chance on a love that's out of this world?

Mated #1
The Mating Ritual Series
Ria Candro
Futuristic, Fantasy,Erotica (Menage)
Ellora's Cave Publishing
December 10th 2010
Self Purchased

I felt like reading another futuristic setting & I haven’t read an erotic novel in a while so I thought I would pick this one for a quick read and break up some of the longer novels I have been reading….It started off fine but it definitely reminded me why I don’t enjoy erotica…There’s just too much sexual repetition after the initial coupling! Meh! There is a storyline which isn’t too bad…Natalie has been taken from earth by three aliens who think she is their destined mate & now they have to work very hard to convince her! A Ménage à trois read with some alien loving! Good as a quickie & would try to read the rest of the books in trilogy just to find out more about the Spygian planet & its fate.

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