MANGA CLASSICS: Pride & Prejudice by Jane Austen, Po Tse & Stacy King

MANGA CLASSICS: Pride & Prejudice Book Cover MANGA CLASSICS: Pride & Prejudice
Stacy King (Story Adaptation), Po Tse (Art by), Jane Austen (Original Story)
Manga/Comics/Graphic Novels/Historical Romance
Udon Entertainment
17th September 2014
Netgalley RC

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First, a few details:

1) My first manga (Tip: Read your manga back to front, left to right!). Always wanted to read one, but never had the opportunity till now! Thanks Netgalley :)
2) I haven’t read Pride & Prejudice since childhood (I was 7? 8?)…..I know the gist of P&P- but very sketchily.

So, I requested this mainly to brush up on my P&P knowledge…I mean I’m a romance reader, why the heck haven’t I read P&P in my adult years??! I have watched the BBC TV series but I hadn’t really picked up P&P to read again…. Seriously shameful!

What great fun this was! I LOLd every few pages or so…loved every minute of it! You can consider this as a sort of “cheat” read! This ain’t Spark notes people, but it captures the spirit of P&P well while maintaining the charm of manga. Don’t expect the class of Austen but do expect the essence.

The artwork was beautifully done (Really reminded me of my childhood colouring books that I had…so of course I got distracted and googled manga 90s colouring books..sigh..wish my brain wouldn’t go on such tangents!). I loved Mrs. Bennett in this! Hahaha her expressions were hilarious and she was the standout character for me. A crazy matchmaking mamma in all her glory! Mr. Collins was also really comically done and very funny but I’m pretty sure his behaviour isn’t comical in the book. I didn’t mind this spin on his character as I found him hilarious but it may grate on those seeking authenticity to the novel. Loved the depiction of the dark and brooding Mr. Darcy. I really can’t comment too much on how accurate the characters are to the book as it really has been ages and I don’t want to make too many inaccurate comparisons! I enjoyed the manga depiction of them all :)

I think if you’re a die-hard P&P fan, don’t judge this too harshly on its lack of Austeness, but take it as a work on its own merit as a tribute or companion to P&P. It can seem childish and too light hearted to some, but I thought it was very well done and a great way to introduce reluctant younger readers to the classics! Also, if you are worried about starting manga, don’t worry, as the book has instructions on how to read a manga! So just dive in!

Oh yeah, now I can finally say I understand the title of Pride & Prejudice! My re-read for this year will definitely be P&P and am very happy to have had this inspiration to revisit P&P properly!

*Thank-you Jane Austen, Po Tse & Stacy King, Netgalley & Udon Entertainment for the reading copy.

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