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Lord Sebastian’s Secret by Jane Ashford

Lord Sebastian's Secret #3 Book Cover Lord Sebastian's Secret #3
The Duke's Sons
Jane Ashford
Historical Romance
Sourcebooks Casablanca
3rd January 2017
Netgalley ARC

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Strugglefest! It took me 6 months to trundle through this. Just kept putting it down and picking it up and finally, I decided to finish this book once and for all…yeap it was a skim read after 40%. A tepid romance as this is about the lead up to Sebastian and Georgina’s wedding and the issues that they face while Sebastian meets Georgian’s family. Oh, and there is the fact that Sebastian cannot read and Georgina doesn’t know!! Sounds great right?. In theory, this sounded different and so interesting and I was so curious to find out how the author handled this scenario….Jane Ashford wasn’t doing a bad job at the beginning of the book and I was quite interested in Georgina and Sebastian as a couple but the pace slowed down after a while and after that, I lost interest.

Lord Sebastian Gresham loves Lady Georgina Stane and she loves him. They are engaged and are getting married in a few weeks! What can possibly go wrong? Well, meeting Georgina’s family for one and the fact that Sebastian hasn’t figured out a way to tell Georgina he can’t read.
The Stane family do not follow society’s rules and are completely eccentric with Georgina’s mother being a pug breeder and the father a passionate historian. And then there are the monster younger sisters who are underfoot all the time and make diabolical plans to try to move the wedding along quicker! On top of all the antics and drama, Sebastian has to find a way to confess his secret without losing her love, as he’s afraid his confession will make her see him the way he sees himself – someone stupid whom an intelligent bride like Georgina Stane will not accept as a husband.

This is like “Meet the Fockers”…..meeting your fiancés family for the first time is never easy and if they are eccentric then it’s a completely different story! The Stanes are a comical lot with such strong personalities, that I found the family antics overtaking Georgina and Sebastian’s courtship. I didn’t find the H/h particularly strong in their personalities either so that could also be a reason for the fact that they could easily be overshadowed. I did feel sorry for Sebastian and his predicament, as he is a sweet and lovely hero for Georgina and he holds her wit in high regard, as he finds himself so lacking.

Unfortunately, the book didn’t work for me but I do feel like this is something for someone with the right frame of mind will enjoy immensely. A book for those who like their historical romances warmer with the hint of an eccentric family and a different storyline.

*Thank-you Jane Ashford, Netgalley and Sourcebooks Casablanca for the ARC.

  • I struggled with the one I read of hers. I didn’t hate it but we had some issues. I’m sorry to see this one wasn’t a stronger one.

    • A shame isn’t it the books didn’t work for us….I’m sure her niche audience loves her though! Would love to hear from some of them and look at some of her works from their point of view….

  • oh I am sorry to hear that this one didn’t work out for you. This author is a hit or miss for me. Sometimes I enjoy it and other times I know its just not for me.

    • This was the first time I tried her and don’t think I will venture into her other books unless I hear rave reviews about a particular book!

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