Lady Mechanika: La Dama de la Muerte by Joe Benitez M. M. Chen

Lady Mechanika: La Dama de la Muerte Book Cover Lady Mechanika: La Dama de la Muerte
Lady Mechanika
Joe Benitez & M. M. Chen
Graphic Novel/Steampunk/Fantasy/Science Fiction
Benitez Productions
26th September 2017
Netgalley ARC

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Wow, can Joe Benitez draw! What a stunner Lady Mechanika is and her outfits are gorgeous! LOVE! A feast for the eyes and a steampunk graphic novel set in the Victorian England period is what Lady Mechanika is all about. I could just look at the pages for hours and not have any idea what the characters are saying…that’s how gorgeous these illustrations are! I haven’t read any of the series previously so this was completely new, so I did feel like I kinda started in the middle. A bit of background would have been nice (just for my own satisfaction) but can totally read this as a stand alone.

Lady Mechanika needs space and solitude after the loss of a close friend and finds herself in a small village in Mexico, where the festival of the Dia de los Muertos is just about to begin. As she begins to relax and enjoy herself, the fun becomes deadly as the Jinetes del Infierno (The Mythical Hell Riders) come to gather their tithes. Suspecting something is not right with this deadly gang, Lady Mechanika investigates and what she finds does not please her at all.

I just love the illustrations….they are breathtakingly beautiful and this is what has me awestruck with Lady Mechanika. The story itself was good but lacked depth as I felt like it was a bit short. I am definitely interested in reading the previous novels just to stare at more pretty outfits and I am curious about her background too, which she is trying to discover for herself. Very interesting and different so will be definitely reading more! Five helms for the illustrations and four for the story :)

*Thank-you Joe Benitez, M. M. Chen, Netgalley and Diamond Book Distributors for the ARC.

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