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I Dared the Duke by Anna Bennett

I Dared the Duke #2 Book Cover I Dared the Duke #2
The Wayward Wallflowers Series
Anna Bennett
Historical Romance
St. Martins Press
April 4th 2017
Netgalley ARC

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“I Dared the Duke” reads like a boat on a calm blue sea…adrift with no purpose This book really lacked substance for me and hence why I could not connect with the characters: Miss Elizabeth Lacey and Alexander Savage, the Duke of Blackshire (To be completely honest, I couldn’t even remember the last names of the H/h!). The entire book felt like filler material sadly, with the plot and the subplots really haphazardly put together :(

Alex has a wicked reputation as a rogue and someone wants to murder him. His grandmother is his dearest and closest relative and he doesn’t want her near danger until he figures out who’s behind it all. He needs her to move back into her country manor quick smart before anything happens, and without giving away his reasons. Elizabeth (Beth) is the dowager’s live-in companion and cannot believe Alex’s callous plans to banish his grandmother to the country and refuses to aid him until he grants her three wishes. Their close proximity leads to Alex seeing Beth as more than just a “Wilting Wallflower”- a cruel nickname and reputation that has haunted Beth and her sisters and unbeknownst to Beth, started by Alex. Beth is becoming more than just his grandmother’s companion to Alex and she makes him want to reveal everything to her: scars, secrets and his love.

A teen 1990s romcom movie masquerading as a historical romance novel, where the popular, closet-sensitive school jock realises that the nerdy kid ain’t that bad and is quite sweet and pretty. Just wasn’t my cup of tea.

*Thank-you Anna Bennett, Netgalley & St. Martin’s Paperbacks for the ARC.

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