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His Human Slave by Renee Rose

His Human Slave #1 Book Cover His Human Slave #1
Zandian Masters Series
Renee Rose
BDSM/Erotic Romance/Science Fiction/Futuristic
Burning Desires
2nd November 2016
InstaFreebie/Renee Rose

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Hot alien kinkiness from Renee Rose! Zander and Lamira are the first to kick off this series of sexy human/alien action :)

Zander is an alien prince of a dying race and needs a mate. Humans were never his first choice but his physician insists that Lamira, a human slave is his best chance for a successful breeding. Lamira is purchased from her human captors as Zander’s breeding slave/mate. She is now at his mercy to be commanded and mastered and finds herself liking his mastery and enjoying her punishments while Zander finds Lamira’s human needs and emotions fascinating and perplexing!

For a short story, this does deliver and the subplot of Lamira’s claircognizance and how it affects Zander and Lamira’s relationship is well done. What didn’t work for me was Zander’s quick-to-jump-to-conclusions style decisions and punishments he deals out to Lamira as a result. The act first, ask questions and deal with consequences later style behaviour felt really harsh. In retrospect, it is a master-slave relationship and hence this attitude could be excused but guess I’m looking for a deeper connection before big misunderstandings! I also felt like their declaration of love was rushed towards the end as that emotional connection still wasn’t as strong as I would have liked. All in all a good read and the epilogue leaves the end open for future stories which I will definitely be looking forward to reading. The writing style was still great and the story as a whole was enjoyable!

*Thank-you Renee Rose and InstaFreebie for the free reading copy.
**Reader Warning: This book is very explicit, contains BDSM, some sexual humiliation and maybe offensive to some

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