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His Human Rebel by Renee Rose

His Human Rebel #4 Book Cover His Human Rebel #4
Zandian Masters Series
Renee Rose
BDSM/Erotic Romance/Science Fiction/Futuristic
Burning Desires
13th April 2017
Renee Rose

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This is my favourite one so far! Not as intense as the previous novels in the BSDM department but with enough spanking sexy times to keep you satisfied!

Cambry is one of the rescued humans from the death pod and Lundric knew she was his from the moment he saw her. A trained army captain to the Zandians, Lundric wants Cambry to be his mate just like Prince Zander & Lamira and Rok & Lily but Cambry has her own plans. She is on a mission to rescue her younger brother Tal from the Ocretions and doesn’t believe the Zandian’s promise of freedom. The Zandians have promised all humans freedom as long as they choose to fight for Zandia. As far as Cambry is concerned, it is a death sentence either way and she doesn’t owe Zandia anything until she gets involved with Lundric. Her personal mission has just become tougher, now that she is developing feelings for her Zandian warrior and he has become her most stalwart protector.

A great story for Lundric and Cambry! Lundric knew what he wanted and went after it and Cambry had some fire to her which I always enjoy in my heroines. This was an insta-love romance right from the start, which I found slightly hard to get into as I enjoy a lead up to the passion but it was well done nevertheless and the romance developed into something believable. Lundric being a lighter Dom than Prince Zander and Rok also made a nice change as I think I prefer Lundric over the others. Cambry proves at times she’s a TSTL heroine and that annoyed me intensely but Lundric, of course, rescues her! We also get an insight of how the Zandians are progressing with their army and of course a small tease of the next upcoming story!

*Thank-you Renee Rose for the ARC.
**Reader Warning: This book is very explicit, contains BDSM, some sexual humiliation and maybe offensive to some

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