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Hello Sydney!

Ahhhh so good to be home in Sydney! It’s been a week since I’ve been back and wow it feels like I haven’t been away for nearly two years! I guess that’s what you call home :) I touched down on the 19th of October (Thursday) and started full-time work on Monday! Yeah! I know….totally insane but it has been great to be back in the swing of things! I’m loving the sun and being back and having a blast catching up with everyone! Looking forward to blogging some of my reads eventually :)

Here’s the last part of my trip below:

26th September – We were lucky enough to get tickets to “The Last Supper” and it was amazing!

27th September- 1st October – Flew from Milan to Munich for Oktoberfest and met friends from Sydney which was amazing! There were 9 of us and had a blast at the world’s biggest folk festival!

1st October – 6th October – We flew into Romania and wow what an awesome country! Loved the food, the people and autumn is such a beautiful time to visit Romania! Flew into Iasi and made our way down into Bucharest and stopped at various medieval UNESCO protected towns along the way. Visited some of the famous painted monasteries and they were stunning! They don’t call some of the monasteries the Sistine Chapel of the East for nothing.

6th – 7th October – Spent the whole day travelling from Bucharest to Berlin and stayed overnight to fly into Riga, Latvia the next day.

7th – 9th October – Landed in Riga and it was slightly disappointing as it is a lovely city but it was raining and I made a mistake of booking a hotel 20 mins away from the city center, which was really silly as we spent too much time and money travelling in and out of the city center. I felt like that mistake ruined the experience a little for me and I would love to revisit Riga again and have a better experience. Also, it was getting quite cold which we didn’t mind but brrrr the winters will be harsh!

9th – 10th October – Flew into London to grab our things and rest overnight but it was less than twenty-four hours!

10th – 11th October – Spent most of the day flying into Sri Lanka..London to Dubai and Dubai to Colombo

11th – 18th October- Landed and travelled most of the day to the East where my parents are from and spent most of the time visiting family. Didn’t do many tourist activities as the last time we visited Sri Lanka was five years ago, so we had a lot of family catching up to do. We also a post-wedding event my parents organised, where my husband got introduced to the clan :) Was sad to leave and really 6 days is just not enough when you have to visit family, but what can you do? You just take the blessings as they come…I’m glad we were lucky enough to have beautiful and happy memories

19th October – Home Sweet Home Sydney!

Hope you enjoyed heading about my trips and looking forward to catching up with you all x

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