Friday, August 5, 2016 Life, Scotland

Finally in Scotland!

We spent a few months in Wales for my husband’s work and now we have just moved onto Edinburgh,Scotland for anther two months before I have to return to Sydney & apply for my work visa & return to London to live! Phew!

Well, it has certainly been an amazing journey so far & arriving in Edinburgh last Saturday has certainly been interesting! Our AirBnB accommodation was abysmal (smelling of cockroaches, toilet not flushing, blinds not working -no privacy from the street!) and we were meant to stay there for two months! We ended up complaining to AirBnB & agreed to stay there for a month (as that’s what we paid for already-AirBnB you pay monthly if it’s a long-term contract & pay 30 days to the host if you cancel ahead, regardless of when you leave), which were well within our terms & conditions. So the host was unhappy with our decision & was in denial of the state of the place & gave us an ultimatum of moving out on the 6th of August or staying the two months! We rejected both & said we were not staying any more than we had to, its Fringe season in Edinburgh (Crazy up here! Long term accommodation almost non-existent during the month of August!) & we couldn’t find anything long term even though we wanted to leave! AirBnB ended up sending us an email at 12am telling us the host had cancelled the reservation & we had to leave the apartment! So we hurriedly & surprisingly calmly packed everything, in a daze & got out of there. We carted all our possessions to my hubby’s work & while he worked, I sat at the hospital & tried to sort everything out with AirBnB (who were very helpful & also compensated us a small sum of money).

Twelve hours later, we were all sorted (slightly more expensive, but totally worth it!) & now we can finally start enjoying Edinburgh, The Fringe & Scotland! So, in celebration I’m watching Outlander, finishing the rest of “The Secret” by Julie Garwood & hoping Netgalley will grant me my request of some Scottish romance!

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