Belle’s Tale/The Beast’s Tale: Volume: 1 & 2 Manga Adaptation by Mallory Reaves

Belle's Tale/The Beast's Tale Vol: 1 & 2 Book Cover Belle's Tale/The Beast's Tale Vol: 1 & 2
Disney Beauty & The Beast
Mallory Reaves
Manga/Children's Books/Middle Grade/Disney
28th March 2017
Netgalley ARC

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This is a two volume middle-grade, direct adaptation of Disney’s 2017 film “The Beauty and the Beast” in manga format. I’m reviewing both volumes together because I don’t see the need for separate reviews for either book. Volume 1: Belle’s Tale is told entirely in Belle’s point of view and Volume 2 from the Beast’s.

This is definitely intended for younger readers as there isn’t a lot of complexity or depth to the storylines and it is very quick reading. Reading from an adult’s point of view it falls flat and I wasn’t feeling the magic, even though it sticks close to the movie. The prologue in Volume two was a bit strange and felt tacked on.

Overall, the graphics were nice but I wasn’t blown away and I preferred the Beast’s point of view to Belle’s. It’s a nice companion to the movie but not a necessary one unless your kids are die-hard fans.

*Thank-you Mallory Reaves, Netgalley & TokyoPop for the ARC.

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