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Barbarian Lover by Ruby Dixon

Barbarian Lover #3 Book Cover Barbarian Lover #3
Ice Planet Barbarians
Ruby Dixon
Science Fiction/Futuristic
Ruby Dixon
Self Purchased

Kira and Aheako’s story was somewhat different to the other novels…the vibe was more serious. Kira is the “Eeyeore” of the group and fair enough, I think she certainly had her reasons. It’s nice that the girls have varying personalities. Not everyone can be strong or smart mouthed and its refreshing to see Ruby Dixon play with individuality to keep the series fresh.

Aheako has been pursuing Kira throughout the last novel and we are used to Kira rebuffing his advances and here we finally find out her personal reasons for doing so. Kira still has the translator stapled to her ear and discovers that the aliens who kidnapped them are coming back for their cargo and this hastens her to get rid of the translator once and for all without scaring the rest of the tribe. Of course, Aheako volunteers to go with her to the Elder’s cave and he insists on becoming heart mates with Kira despite her sharing her secret with him and their lack of resonance from their khui. Aheako was a good match for Kira, I think she needed someone playful and less serious to balance her personality and help her see the fun things in life. Kira does have a lot of things to deal with and I don’t blame her “sad eyes”.

Sweet story but definitely not as exciting as the previous books BUT this is mainly because of my personal choice for strong female personalities. Kira does kick ass though (so does Harlow! What a badass boss!) and has her moment in the limelight, so she is no shrinking violet all the time. You can put her down as a quiet achiever ;) I’m also glad Aheako’s personality was already pre-defined and we got to know him in the previous novel, as the story is mostly focused on Kira and Aheako doesn’t shine like he normally does. Kira and Aheako are really cute together and I’m really happy for Kira as I loved her happy ending :)

  • oh you are really intriguing me with this series. I like those happy and cute endings!!!

    • hahaha they are so worth the time! Read the first one and trust me you will be hooked! They are shorter reads and she just has such a way with words to draw you in straight away!

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