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And Then He Kissed Her by Laura Lee Guhrke

And Then He Kissed Her #1 Book Cover And Then He Kissed Her #1
Girl Bachelors
Laura Lee Guhrke
Historical Romance
27th February 2007
Open Library

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Ooooh, Emma & Harry……You both make me swoon….sigh…..What a sweet, funny and sensual romance this was. A fantastic well rounded historical romance with plenty of chemistry, emotional tugging of the heartstrings and an intelligent and loveable heroine.

Emmaline (Emma) Dove works as a secretary for Viscount Marlowe (Harry) and her dream is to be a writer and share her knowledge of etiquette with the world. Harry is a leading publisher in London and is the perfect person to work for to get her work noticed, despite his scatterbrain brain ways and scandalous choices in women.
Harry is convinced etiquette books are the most boring things on earth and has been steadfastly rejecting Emma’s manuscripts without ever properly reading them thoroughly. Once Emma discovers his deceit, she resigns without notice and turns Harry’s office and world upside down. Harry vows to win her back into his employ and in the course of his mission, he sees Emma in a completely new light from the drab, uninteresting spinster he saw daily.

What did I like about this romance?
Everything!!!! Just so good on so many levels!

Let’s start with the beginning – The first few chapters are so hilariously fun they just made me stupid grin all the way through. It was so amusing to watch Harry crumble and realise how much he actually depended on Emma. I’m having a craving to re-read these scenes again!

Emma is the star of this novel hands down! She is a spinster at 30 and is also an emotionally scarred heroine. She has some major self-discovery ahead of her and she comes into her own through her relationship with Harry. Harry is also scarred but the focus on him is not as obvious but he also grows through the relationship and comes to finally know what true love is. Harry is a sensitive and sweet hero who I felt was perfect for Emma. Two scarred individuals coming together in such a sweet romance is the perfect book to make you heave a huge satisfied sigh at the end.

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