About Me

I’m a book junkie/hoarder from Sydney, living in the UK on a working holiday with my husband :) I love reading! Mostly romance novels but I do dip into other genres as the need arises :D I’m not a professional book blogger/reviewer! I do this for the fun of it and to meet other like minded people. This is a space to record my reading, my thoughts & voice my opinions on the books I read.
Most of the books reviewed here are purchased by me through many avenues such as eBay, used bookstores & book sales. If I have obtained them from other means such as ARCs, it will be stated.I can never resist an opportunity to buy more books, so I’m forever trying to find space to store them all!
My reviews are my honest personal opinions on the books I read. Books are so subjective & its amazing how each book affects everyone differently so don’t be put off if I didn’t love the book you loved! It still surprises me how time, personal life experiences & travel play a part in how I perceive a book! I would never discourage a person from reading a book no matter how bad I found it, as it takes a lot of hard work to pen something & in my opinion any book is worth reading rather than no book!
I hope you enjoy your browse around my website :) If you would like to contact me to chat about anything please use the form below!

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2017 Reading Challenge

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