Monday, July 31, 2017 Life, Travel

A weekend trip into Switzerland

Just loving summer in Europe and of course, that calls for another impromptu weekend trip..which ended up being in Switzerland!…..Well it’s probably not the best country to book a holiday last minute as everything was sooo damn expensive but omg….what a country! Stunning scenery with breathtaking views and all those lakes!!!! Gorgeous! My eyes and brain just couldn’t handle how beautiful Switzerland was….I had heard it was beautiful but wasn’t prepared for all that pretty :)

Landed in Basel (coolest airport ever where you land in France but it’s a Swiss city and you exit into Switzerland or France!) but, didn’t stay for very long so didn’t really check out the town but caught the train straight into beautiful Lucerne. Stayed for a few hours, did a self-guided walking tour and climbed the city’s medieval walls for amazing views!

From Lucerne, we caught the train again and went into Interlaken to get onto the Golden Pass Panoramic train and had VIP seats right at the front of the train all the way to Montreux! Such an awesome experience!

Stayed in Montreaux for two nights and also did a day trip on the chocolate train (yes! I know! A CHOCOLATE TRAIN! I was in heaven!) into Gruyères village for a cheese and village tour where we explored Château Gruyères and off we went to the most exciting part of the day trip to Maison Cailler – the factory where Cailler chocolates are made! Yes, I was ready to puke by the end of that day hahaha but WHAT A DAY! Cheese and chocolate and great wine all in the space of a few hours!?! Headed back into Montreaux and had dinner where we had meat fondue. Had a great table overlooking France – Did you know you can look over at France from Montreaux as France owns half of Lake Geneva?! I did not know this!

On Sunday explored Château de Chillon (they make their own wine which can only be purchased from the Castle! Fantastic Pinot Noir!) bright and early and headed into Bern for the afternoon. I think I’m in love with Bern! What a great city with the beautiful Aare river flowing in grand style. It was a very hot day so just dipped our feet into the river and watched the bears of Bern frolick in their dens. For the evening, made our way into St Louis in France where we just stayed the night before we had to fly out of Basel at 7am today!

Where did we eat?


Hotel de Ville: On the recommendation from our guides we walked into this one and had great Raclette and cheese fondue…yummm


Restaurant le Museum – Highly recommended for a meat fondue. The beef and bouillon broth was so fresh and flavoursome. You may find the prices a bit steep though but in my opinion totally worth it! Had the air fried beef and ham as an entrée.

Caveau des Vignerons – Great as well for the meat fondue (couldn’t get enough so had another meat fondue the second night!) but I preferred the broth of le Museum over this one…although here you could get marinated meats with spices which was different!


Altes Tramdepot – Home brewed beer from this restaurant (you can see the brewery in the basement) and hearty eclectic pub style dishes. Had the potato rösti with sausages with onion gravy.

All that food talk has made me tired and really sleepy….contemplating if I have the brain capacity to even write up a review but so happy with the wonderful weekend I had :) I hope you all a wonderful weekend too! Tell me about yours :)

P.S Fondue is Swiss!!! I had no idea! I thought it was French! I just love how Switzerland is bordered by three different countries with such strong cultures!

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